Micah Brandenburg Consulting

Micah Brandenburg Consulting

Digital Strategy for Launching a Virtual-First Consulting Brand


Micah came to us in need of a digital marketing agency to launch his virtual-first consulting brand and reach a new audience.

He was just launching his consulting firm, which focuses primarily on helping entrepreneurs navigate their companies’ growing pains. His company also helps entrepreneurial leaders grow the valuation of their businesses and exit their business on their own terms.

Our partnership with Micah addressed two primary challenges:

  • Awareness. We needed to connect him with his new market and establish credibility and rapport. Long sales cycles require intentional, well-laid marketing plans.
  • Brand Clarity. Few entrepreneurs seek out a consultant until they’ve dealt with a problem and have been unsuccessful at solving it. Micah’s services offered a more proactive approach: small intentional investments yielding long-term, exponential growth. We needed to clarify common entrepreneurial problems and position Micah as the solution.


  • We created a digital marketing strategy & plan to clarify Micah’s customers’ problems and position Micah as the answer.
  • We refreshed his website and aligned its content with the overall marketing strategy.
  • We activated new digital marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and through email marketing to showcase Micah and grow his reputation as a consultant.


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Clearly understanding your customers’ problems and your company’s solutions is essential for connecting with your target audience. We are thrilled for the growth we’ve seen with Micah’s company, and are proud to partner with him in helping his clients succeed.

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